What is PPC Management and Why Do You Need It?


Apologies to the God’s of obvious sentences but PPC (Pay Per Click) management is the tasks, strategies and processes involved in managing Pay Per Click advertising. OK so you knew that much, but if it was really as simple as that there would be no need for the agencies that specialise in such a service! I’ve heard various definitions in the past: “PPC management is about getting you to rank top of Google”, “it’s about getting clicks for the cheapest possible cost”, “it’s about maximising sales through the website”… none of those are anywhere near comprehensive enough.

PPC management is all about getting YOUR paid search ads into the best positions; in front of the right people; at the right time; with the right message, in order to meet YOUR business goals. Or it is if you’re with the right agency.

So Why Should You Use a PPC Management Agency in Order to Achieve that?

Expert knowledge

Knowing what you want to achieve with AdWords is easy. Getting there is the tricky bit. That’s where the agency come in. When you make a living managing PPC campaigns all day it’s much easier to get good at it – practise makes perfect (you’ll notice I love a good cliche as we progress). Any company offering PPC Management as a service should have experienced account managers with a wealth of technical knowledge. And it’s easy to check if they do: just visit their Google Partners profile (you can see ours here) – you should see the specialisations they’ve been awarded from Google and the number of qualified individuals they have on the books. Most agencies will also have their own in-house tools and quality checks that make managing and monitoring your PPC campaigns much more efficient.

Completely measurable

The stats don’t lie. With accurate tracking in place and a basic understanding of AdWords metrics it’s pretty easy to see whether your AdWords campaigns are working. And while your PPC account manager can’t work miracles, you should be able to see progressive improvements to your key statistics.

Completely measurable

I’d always stay clear of any agency who doesn’t give you access to your own AdWords account or send you regular reports and updates. You only hide what you don’t want people to see.

Ever changing

There were over 3000 changes to AdWords last year alone! Don’t get me wrong, most were minor tweaks that even the most eagle-eyed account manager would have struggled to spot, but Google are constantly releasing new features and we’ve had some huge changes recently: the introduction of ETA’s, Demographic for Search, IF function ads. And we’re constantly seeing changes to the way they display search results. But not only that, just think about how the rise of the smartphone has changed the way we consume content, or how voice recognition is changing the way we search. Keeping up to date with all the latest industry changes and innovations is a full time job – we should know, we employ someone to do just that! If you’re not on the ball, if you’re not keeping up, your competitors may be quick to press their advantage.

Ahead of the game

Scrap what I just said. Who really just wants to keep up with their competition? Unless I’m back in the school playground and “first the worst, second the best” rules still apply you don’t want to be part of the peloton if you can build an insurmountable breakaway. Keeping on top of any changes will give you the advantage over any competitors slow on the uptake, but a Google Premier Partner agency can take you a step further. As one of the agencies awarded Google’s highest partner status we get exclusive access to the latest beta’s, so our clients can start making use of any exciting new features before they’re even released.

Stay ahead of the game

Google also provide us with technical and strategic training but most importantly because we’ve managed such a range of different accounts over such a sustained period of time we have developed our own unique and innovative ways of structuring, managing and improving PPC campaigns.


Another perk of being a Google Premier Partner is the advanced technical support we’re able to take advantage of. If you’ve ever had to ring the AdWords support line you will hopefully have found the answers you’re looking for, but Google are aware that the questions they get asked by their partner agencies tend to require a higher level of support, so only their most experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives deal with those queries – which means you get to the solutions faster. Google now also provide partner agencies with tag team support, so going beyond questions about AdWords, they can actually show you how to correctly implement conversion tracking or Google Analytics coding.


Finally, let’s face it, managing your AdWords campaigns can be incredibly time consuming. Think of what else you could be doing and how much value you could add to other areas of your business if you enlisted the help of a PPC management company.

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