Our Latest Visit To Google. H1 Agency Product Kickoff and Fair


H1 Agency Product Kickoff and Fair

This week Google hosted its’ bi-annual EMEA product kick-off event. All the new Adwords & Analytics features planned for the next 6 months are showcased to Google’s Premier Partner agencies, and Mabo sent two of the guys down to see what all the fuss is about.                                       

Google H1 Agency Product Kickoff and Fair

After a healthy breakfast of croissants and fruit smoothies, we were ushered into Google’s impressive presentation room, ready to absorb everything the top minds at Google had to throw at us.

Whilst we can’t go into details about the features yet to be announced to the public (very top secret – watch this space!) there was plenty of information on updates that have now been fully launched.

Improved Target ROAS & Enhanced CPC

For those retailers that use automated bidding, enhanced CPC (eCPC) now adjusts your bids for each auction to achieve more conversions at your current CPA, while keeping your average CPC below the manual max CPC.

There is also no need to use bid adjustments to account for differences in conversion rates, eCPC already uses these signals when adjusting bids. (Mobile remains the exception).

The upgraded algorithm for tROAS now models the expected conversion value for each and every auction leading to an overall improvement in ROAS optimisation.

Dynamic Search Ad Groups

In the continually improving new AdWords interface, Dynamic Search has moved from campaign type to ad group type, meaning they will now be fully integrated into your existing search campaigns. If you’d prefer to keep them in a separate campaign, simply create a separate search campaign for all your Dynamic Ad Groups.

Dynamic search or standard ad groups

If you don’t yet use Dynamic Search Ad’s, you can see our blog post detailing the advantages here.

Custom Affinity in YouTube 2.0

This feature gives brands even more powerful ways to create custom audiences, by introducing Google Search, Google Maps location history and Android app data inputs.

While this feature is only for YouTube, we hope that this exciting improvement will one day be implemented into Google Search!

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention Solution

In 2017 Apple introduced a tracking prevention feature designed to purge cookies, however this affected conversion measurement on devices using Safari.

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention Solution

AdWords users everywhere were scrambling to find a fix to this issue to preserve those precious conversion metrics. Thankfully, Google came up with the answer:

  • Using Google Tag Manager implement Conversion Linker tag on all pages.


  • Update your conversion tracking code to the new code (gtag.js).


  • Use Google Analytics tracking and link it to your AdWords account.

Google Shopping – Absolute Top Impression Share

One of the main differences in metrics reported between search and shopping is average position. In Search campaigns, Google clearly tells us the average position of each ad, making it easy to Bid Manage when you’re aiming for a particular spot on the search rankings.

In Google shopping, the only way of seeing your average position is to constantly search for your products and see where they appear, until now.

The new AdWords interface now has a metric called Absolute Top Impression Share, this shows the amount of times each product has occupied the very top spot in Shopping as a percentage. Whilst this isn’t as detailed as the Average Position in google search, it still goes a long way when deciding on a Bid Management strategy.

The advantages of Google Shopping are outlined in our blog post here.

After a quick lunch at Five Guys (and an impressive amount of toppings on Stephens burger), we were ready to head back to the wintery North, eager to share what we’d learned with the rest of the Mabo team and put it to work in our clients accounts.

AdWords is an ever changing landscape, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that your AdWords advertising is managed by an agency who is at the top of their game, and up to date with all the latest updates and trends. Mabo are that agency. If you would like to see how we could potentially help you get more from your Google AdWords spend, then complete the form below. A member of our team will be in touch:

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