New Google Ads TV Initiatives

Last year, Google increased their efforts into TV screens advertising, which resulted in an 80% increase in impressions.

New Google Ads TV Initiatives

To further this success, Google has introduced several new initiatives for the coming year.

The first update includes new TV partnerships that allow advertisers to serve ads on leading broadcasting channels. Google explains, “As we look forward to 2019, we’ll continue to innovate with our TV partners and the industry for the future of TV, including driving next-generation TV standards like ASTC 3.0 and HbbTV. As the gap between digital and TV continues to close and new opportunities emerge, we’ll be working hand-in-hand with our partners to reimagine the commercial break and inspire the best ad experiences everywhere.”

The second update will feature Google Ads during TV adverts. The search engine will continue to create new solutions for delivering ads during tv breaks. At the moment, Google’s TV partners are able to use Ad Manager’s dynamic ad insertion functions to deliver ads during live events on connected TVs. This has seen an improvement in ad impressions over the past year. To capitalise on this, Ads Manager has now introduced a new feature named “smarter ad breaks”.


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