Bing Ads Introduce Multiple Language Targeting

Bing Ads has provided additional guidance for any online advertiser looking to target multilingual users who could be searching in multiple languages.

Bing Ads Introduce Multiple Language Targeting

Bing Ads launched multiple language targeting ad campaign level in October this year. As this feature had already been available within Google Ads for quite some time, this update meant language targets could be included when importing Google campaigns into Bing.

It is worth noting with this update that Bing will not translate ads. If your Google Ads are written in English, but you choose to target two different languages, Bing will not translate the ads written in English to the other two languages. You need to write ads in all of the languages.

Also, advertisers are still able to set language targets at the ad group level, but ad group settings will override campaign settings. The language used in both the keywords and ads must match, if you write your keywords in German, your ads must be in German, otherwise Bing could potentially deem your ads as irrelevant.

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