Bing Ads Have Now Made Maximise Clicks Available Globally

Bing Ads has introduced Maximise Clicks to to all accounts globally.

Bing Ads Have Now Made Maximise Clicks Available Globally

This strategy was first introduced in 2017 and was designed to automatically set bids to increase click volume. It works by automatically setting and adjusting bids to get the most clicks for the advertisers daily budget.

Although this is an automated strategy, advertisers do have some element of control. So, firstly if there are high performing keywords or ad groups in a campaign that you want to continue to manage manually, you can. In this instance, all you would do is select the “Use the bid I set” from the bid strategy type drop down at the keyword or ad group level. Additionally, in a similar way to Google, Bing Ads offer the option for advertisers to set a maximum CPC at the campaign level. This provides advertisers with some element of manual control over how high the system can bid.

For those who aren’t familiar with this feature, Bing recommend letting the strategy run in a campaign for at least a month as their “bidding models use that time to learn and optimise”.

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