Google Expand Shoppable Ads To Google Images

Google has launched a new way for online retailers to advertise products via image search.

Google Expand Shoppable Ads To Google Images

‘Shoppable Ads’ are a new ad format that  allow advertisers to highlight multiple products within a single ad unit. The ads will be placed amongst Google Image search results and will appear with a “Sponsored” label in addition to a price tag icon.

These ad units take similar shape to the shoppable pins on Pinterest in which multiple items within a photo are tagged for sale. For a user to make the most of all the functions of this ad, all they have to do is hover over the price tag icon to reveal the prices of the items, alongside the brand name and additional information. From here, users are able to click their product of choice and then be taken to the appropriate landing page and hopefully, make a purchase.

At the moment, these Shoppable Ads have only been made available to a very small number of retailers and are still very much a test. However, Google have revealed that they have plans to roll this feature out to a greater number of categories and to more retailers over the next few months.

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