Google Ads Introduce Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Google has launched a new Budget Planner tool for Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads Introduce Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

This new feature is available under the Tools menu within the Google Ads interface. As it’s quite a new feature, not all advertisers will see it within their accounts.

You are able to create a budget plan based on either clicks or conversions as a key metric. From here, there is also the option to select targets such as clicks, spend, average CPC etc. If you select a target, you are then able to manually enter a target amount or you can choose from the same time last year, or previous period.

It’s worth noting that this tool won’t tell you how much budget you should start off with, but it can provide some guidance into how changes in spend can influence the performance of existing campaigns that have some history. If you’re not already making use of a forecasting tool then this new one may be a useful feature.

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