Google Ads Now Include Holiday Rental Filters

Google first began testing holiday rental filters within Hotel Search back in 2017, and now they have decided to make this a permanent feature. In addition to offering standard hotel accommodations, users are now going to be able to browse through short-term holiday rentals on Google Hotel Search. At the moment this feature is only available on mobile but it will be coming to desktop over the next month or so.

Google Ads Now Include Holiday Rental Filters

So far, industry leaders such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and are already making use of this opportunity. For advertisers, this increased competition between hotels and rentals should work well for rental providers as it gives them greater visibility. For Google

Increased competition between hotels and vacation rentals should increase visibility for rental providers¬†and boost Google Hotel Ads revenue. For Google, it not only boosts their Hotel Ads revenue, but it expands Google’s travel search services once more, allowing it to now include: flights, hotels and holiday rentals.

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