Google Ads Automated Recommendations Expanding

The latest update from Google means that advertisers may start seeing recommendations outside of the Recommendations page within the Google Ads User Interface.

Google Ads Automated Recommendations Expanding

Just to recap, ‘Recommendations’ is the new and improved version of what once was the Opportunities Tab. Before this update, the automated recommendations provided by Google were only available within this designated area of the UI, now, it’s believed that these recommendations will be visible when users are in other areas of the interface.

Both Google and Microsoft have made a conscious effort to promote their machine-learning powered recommendations within their User Interface. This has been done to ultimately make it easier for advertisers to take action within their accounts. Displaying these recommendations directly next to where the change would be made makes a lot of sense, but it goes without saying that before applying these changes, advertisers should carefully consider any suggestions and the impact they will have on their account before going ahead.

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