Microsoft Advertising Trial A/B Testing Tool

Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads) have started to trial a new tool that allows users to A/B test their advertising. 

Microsoft Advertising Trial A_B Testing Tool

This experiment will be globally available, and allow advertisers to test ad copy, landing pages, bidding strategies and modifiers. For advertisers, this ability to experiment within Microsoft Advertising allows you to work out which combinations of features work best to deliver the most profitable results. Microsoft explain that “you can run a true A/B test within a campaign to determine whether a particular update will work well for you and your business.”

This new feature is extremely easy to use. Once active within your account, head to the experiments tab, name your test, determine the start and finish date and then decide the percentage of traffic you’d like to test in the split field. 

It is worth noting that the search engine also advises allocating at least four weeks for testing. 

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