Seasonality Adjustments Introduced For Smart Bidding

Google Ads has introduced seasonality adjustments for smart bidding for search and display campaigns.

Seasonality Adjustments Introduced For Smart Bidding

Smart bidding strategies have been introduced by Google to help advertisers improve the performance of their ads by automatically setting bids for them. Although smart bidding is said to already take seasonality into account, the search engine noticed that there were periods outside of regular patterns where the advertiser may want to reduce or increase spend.

Google have been making a huge push towards automation and in particular their smart bidding strategies. If you’re  wondering how seasonality adjustments would work for you, hopefully, the following will help:

  • They’re only currently available for Search and Display campaigns.
  • The bidding strategy is ideal for short events for 1-7 days.
  • They won’t work well if you’re using them for over 14 days at a time.
  • It’s only recommended if major changes to conversion rates are expected.

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