Google Merchant Centre Redesign And New Features

The Google Merchant Centre has not only had a redesign, but there’s also been a brand new feature added to improve the performance of advertisers Google Ads…

Google Merchant Centre Redesign And New Features

The search engine has added multi-country feeds to allow advertisers to target multiple countries that share the same language, all by using a single feed in that language. To put this into context, Google have given us the following example…

 “if you upload product information in German for Germany, those products may be automatically available to show in other German-speaking countries, such as Austria and Switzerland.”

It is worth noting that to start promoting products in these new countries, advertisers will need to set up shipping and location targeting for these countries in their Shopping campaigns.

Google has also redesigned the Merchant Centre interface to give advertisers easier navigation and clearer workflows. Google explain…

“you can use the updated interface to easily manage your products, like enabling automatic image improvements to remove promotional overlays on your product images to comply with Merchant Centre policies. You can also discover additional opportunities to promote and sell your products.”

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