Parallel Tracking To Become Mandatory For Video Campaigns

Google Ads has made parallel tracking available for video campaigns. At the moment, this setting is optional, however it will soon become mandatory.

Parallel Tracking To Become Mandatory For Video Campaigns

Parallel tracking has been designed ultimately to help improve mobile site speed by showing site users the landing page straight away, whilst measuring the ad click in the background. It’s no secret that Google place a huge level of importance on site speed, and they’ve already parallel tracking a mandatory feature for Search, Shopping and Display campaigns.

If you’re not yet using parallel tracking and would like to, here’s how you activate it within your account:

  1. Go to ‘All Campaigns’
  2. Click ‘Settings’ in the page menu to the left
  3. Click ‘Account Settings’
  4. Click ‘Tracking’
  5. Click the switch next to ‘parallel tracking’

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