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Mabo has always focussed on its core values to deliver its award-winning service. Values like full transparency, accountability, no minimum time contract terms, and you can expect that same level of care in our Social Media Service. 

Started in April of last year we have taken the time to slowly roll out the service ensuring that each client gets the level of attention and care that they need to ensure business success through the social media channels. 

It’s been important to grow slowly and learn and adapt to this new service offering, staying patient and focussing on growth that delivers. It is with pride that, before the year mark, we can say that Mabo have now achieved Facebook Preferred Partner status

This comes with so many added benefits for our service and our clients including being recognised and listed in Facebook’s partner directory.

What does Preferred Partner status mean?

Facebook Support

Our team will now be able to connect with live chat support or schedule a consultation with the experts at Facebook. Prioritised issue resolution, technical support, as well as access to measurement, creative and marketing science consultants, have all become available. 

Facebook Training and Resources 

At Mabo, we focus on learning, development and personal growth as we see the direct impact this has on our service offering and therefore clients. Facebook Partner status now gives us access to in-depth learning tools so that we can understand and improve the performance of our accounts across the board. 

Facebook Tools 

Being the first to access new initiatives by Facebook will help us to elevate our clients above the competition. For example, the Facebook Branded Content tool. This tool enables us to credit our content to the correct brands and avoids accounts being disabled for using content from other brands. This is extremely helpful if you are a reseller of certain brands that may become flagged and your account penalised or even shut down.

Facebook Marketing Partners


Find Out More About Our Facebook Ad Management Service

If you would like to find out more about working with a Facebook Prefered Partner you can contact our team directly on 01287 244080, or visit our social page and complete the on-page form.

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