Working At Home Weekly Roundup – Week Four

Our team have now been working at home for four weeks now. In these unprecedented times, these kind of efforts and sacrifices made from the team are always hugely appreciated. We will always do what we can, to ensure that our guys get whatever support they need to help them through this period.

One thing we like to do on a daily basis is collecting feedback on how they are finding working at home. These include positives, negatives and what have they done differently to brighten up their day. Here is a run-down, firstly, of what people have done differently to brighten up their day.

“found a funny site from negatives”

You may have read some of our previous “search term query report blogs” where we dissect what weird and wonderful search terms have appeared in peoples accounts. The link to our latest edition is here.

“Well at home, it’s easier to get warmer/cooler, quicker to make a brew/get snacks and a shorter walk to the loo so all those definitely helped”

The eternal battle at the Mabo office is getting the temperature right. It seems like one member of the team is loving that kind of control, as well as the lack of movement they have to make. The walk from the desk to the toilet is a right gruler! Similar, to the walk to a Wetherspoons toilet perhaps?

Basically, what i feel right now - funny post - Imgur

“Had a little kick about in the garden during lunch which got my endorphins going”

Does anyone else get the image of Milhouse throwing a frisbee by himself here?

Lonely The Simpsons GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We also ask people for negative points, we received this piece of feedback…………

“Can feel the pounds gaining on me already haha”

Perhaps that long walk to the toilet was more of a help than you though?

“my neighbour playing horrendous tunes on full blast”

Headphones are always the answer in these situations.

Let’s finish on some positives!

“No travel”

A huge positive for people working at home, the huge decrease in fuel costs. It is hugely important to look at every single positive possible, during this time.

“Only took a short lunch and being at home, made that easier as I didn’t need to walk anywhere”

This is the same person who enjoyed not having to walk to the toilet and mentioned about putting weight on.

“I’ve been for a run 10 days in a row, that’s about 9 days more than my previous PB”

Exercise is vitally important during this time. That is a piece of advice our toilet walker could listen to. As well as running, there are plenty of personal trainers doing daily exercises on YouTube and Facebook.

This week, we have our Senior PPC Trainer, Matthew Soakell giving us his tips on making working at home a success.

1) Take breaks; make sure you keep yourself from feeling trapped and like you’re sat in the same place all day.

2) Use lunch for something completely non-work related, just like you would at the office. Don’t eat your lunch at the same place you’ve been working. I’ve found cooking something that takes a bit of effort at lunch is a great distraction. Similarly, going for a walk and getting some fresh air is really helpful.

3) Stay social. Use Hangouts video calls, message friends and colleagues through chats, and keep up some form of regular social interaction. Don’t feel cut off when there’s a solution right at your finger-tips.

Thanks for reading. Please do stay safe and try to take the many positives there are to spending more time at home.



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