Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 1

You would never send a jockey into training without a helmet & we won’t let our team work on your accounts without training (same thing right??). We may not be able to enjoy a sit-down lunch together, a game of table tennis or Friday drinks. However, one thing at Mabo that hasn’t stopped during the lockdown is our training sessions – thankfully no face masks were required during these calls. 

Training at Mabo occurs on a regular basis, we host weekly sessions for those who need a refresher or a deeper insight, allowing a high level of PPC expertise at Mabo. 

Every Thursday we will provide you with an overview of what training we touched upon this week. Not only will this allow you to see what we are getting up to, but it will also provide you with knowledge & insight into the wonderful world of PPC. 

Training is hosted by Senior PPC Trainer, Matthew Soakell. This week, Matthew introduced our PPC Executives to Optimising Smart Bidding. Matthew covered how Smart Bidding uses machine learning to optimise your bids, based on your set targets to improve performance. Smart Bidding looks at every individual auction and makes decisions in real-time with access to 70 million signals within 100 milliseconds!! Impressive eh? 

This training allowed our PPC Executives to not only gain the knowledge required for assisting their Account Managers but also for when they themselves proceed to Account Managers. Join us next Thursday, to find out what Matthew had in store for our team in this weeks training session. 

Interested in gaining further insight into what optimising smart bidding can do for your business? Contact our team for a FREE Google Ads Review HERE. 

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