7 Sellotaped Teddy Bear’s within a time machine during the coronavirus. 

The last time we put one of these Search Term Query Report blog posts out was back in February, before lockdown hit and life as we once knew it was turned upside down. It’s fair to say that a lot has happened since February and we, as a society, have seen many changes. One thing that has stayed consistent throughout this particular time though, is the weird and wonderful search terms that we happen to stumble across, so let’s jump straight in!

150mm to be exact. Or 5.906 inches. Or 0.15 meters. Or 0.492 feet. Or for those of us who tend to get a tad confused with both imperial and metric dimensions… half a ruler. 

There is obvious desperation to this search term and it’s left me wondering how and why sellotape could be so utterly vital to someone that they feel the need to double ‘please’ when asking Google? What do they need it for? Why do they need it so urgently? Why am I imagining this in an Oliver Twist scenario? 

You’re welcome.

Okay, I’m going to give you the official answer here. The number 7 is a number that follows 6 and precedes 8. It is also a prime number and is often even considered a lucky number in Western culture. Now, if you’re curious to know the funny, slightly gross answer, visit Urban Dictionary. 

As a parent myself, there have been times when I have wished for a real life time machine so I could go back in time just to get a decent night’s sleep because once upon a time I thought that getting up at 9 am was ‘early’. Parents of young children can insert their rolling-eye emoji here. But a time machine for the kids? Lockdown has clearly gotten to this parent.

Business cards are essential for networking and are a nifty little tool that helps build brand awareness, even gaining new customers, which leads me to ask… has this person not heard of first impressions and why is there a demand for ugly business cards?  Now I’m intrigued. Now I’m wondering what exactly makes a business card ugly, and just how ugly can an ugly business card be? Either someone is looking for a very niche product, or they just really, really hate their job.

I’ll agree and say that so far 2020 has been a bit (okay, a lot) of a disappointing year. Either this person agrees with me and wants to exit planet Earth as quickly as possible, or is helping their child out with a school science project. I think it’s likely to be the latter, but I completely understand if it’s the first one – I mean, who can blame them?

The disclaimer:

We regularly check the Search Term Query Report because unfortunately, we cannot predict every single search that someone might use that might trigger your ads. All of our accounts go through rigorous checks and relevancy examination when it comes to the Search Term Query Reports and any search that is deemed irrelevant is excluded in order to cust spend on wasted traffic and increase quality score within the account. So, rest assured, all of these search terms will have been dealt with appropriately!


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