Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: VOLUME 2

When I was looking at quotes this morning, nothing caught my attention & made me think of the Mabo Training more than a direct quote from Peter Schutz “Hire Character & Train Skill” AMAZING!! 

This is exactly what Mabo do (literally), training is such an important factor of the team moving up in their careers within Mabo. From executive, to account manager, to team manager & further on. Each individual carry’s out training from the start of their time at Mabo so we are 100% confident they are working within your accounts to the highest capability.  This is why we are one of the multi-international award-winning PPC Agencies (ok enough of bragging)!! 

Last Thursday our Senior PPC Trainer Matthew Soakell give our team an insight within Optimising Smart Bidding. However this week an introduction and refresher course was carried out on Microsoft Ads Editor. 

What is Microsoft Ads Editor I hear you shout? Microsoft Ads Editor is a platform that is used widely at Mabo to allow our team to improve the performance of YOUR search marketing campaigns. This platform allows them to create mass changes, make edit’s in bulk, work offline, and research new keywords and bids. Impressive platform eh? 

Matthew demonstrated to the team how to create remarketing lists for search ads & add in-market audiences. By doing this your account manager will be able to target the highest quantity of people suited for your ads. Which, in turn, will increase your revenue. Understand why this is such an important piece of training now? 

This training allowed our PPC Executives to not only understand a completely new platform but also assist their account managers further with improving the return on ad spend YOU as a client receives. 

Wow, how has that been a week already? Join us again next Thursday, to find out what Matthew had in store for our team in this week’s training session. 

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