Facebook Outlines Latest Improvements in Accessibility, Including Better Font Re-Sizing and Contextual Headings!

During the lockdown, there has been a lot of people trying to improve their fitness, knowledge & if you’re like me… baking (sadly I am not coming anywhere close to Mary Berry). Likewise, Facebook has improved itself also via new accessibility tools, techniques, and technology making it a more user-friendly platform. Woo!!

Soooo drum roll please, let me tell you Facebook’s improvements…..  

Text rendering has been altered to ensure that font sizes remain stable, and reflect user preferences across the platform. In the past, font sizing has been inconsistent, due to variances in the different presentation panels, but in this new structure, Facebook’s now able to better facilitate such preferences across each surface.

Facebook didn’t stop there and also improved its headline architecture in order to ensure screen readers are able to make sense of its displayed listings. The reasoning behind this was due to those people who use a screen reader, headings are one of the most common ways to navigate a page. They allow people to understand the structure of the page and jump between sections (we have all been there, scrolling through Facebook). 

By improving this technique, Facebook’s headings become more consistent. An absolute bonus for those 4.4 million people in the US who use screen readers to assist in their web usage.

God, Facebook really is spoiling us today!!! The last feature added was new developer requirements around text labels for buttons. Improved visual layouts for variable elements and (last but not least) updated keyboard shortcut listings on-screen to assist those navigating the platform via key commands.

I don’t have to tell you how big of a platform Facebook is. Not just for businesses but also for Karen down the road who is showing off her little grandchild’s primary school pictures. Due to the number of users, it is important for Facebook to improve where possible. 

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