Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 5.

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.” Benjamin Franklin’s quote stood out to me this morning for two reasons. Firstly, it made me think about how relatable this is to Mabo. As a company, our training is at the forefront, we are always looking at ways to engage & progress our team. Secondly, how true is this quote?! The more you put into your training, the better the outcome and that’s for both company and clients. You want whoever is working on your account trained to the highest of standards, don’t you?

Last week Matthew focused on Microsoft Ads Cost Analysis Data. However this week, our team were introduced to Mabo’s upcoming call tracking solution. Due to new technology in an ever-changing industry, Mabo need to keep up with the current times and therefore will do anything to make sure our clients get the highest level of service. This is why we have taken the decision to implement call tracking as an option within our service.

So what is call tracking I hear you say? 

Call tracking is the first step to gaining clarity from conversations from both current and potential customers. Call tracking data is gathered on a last-click attribution model, however once inserting this into analytics you can then implement a different model to see the customer’s journey.

So why as a client would you want call tracking installed within your package at Mabo? 

Well, why not? Want to be able to know where your conversions are coming from? Run your company to the highest potential? Then call tracking is for YOU. You will be able to see where exactly your visitor is coming from, which in turn will allow you to be able to optimise your marketing budgets. Call tracking technology also plays a pivotal role in measuring the true sentiment of your customer conversations.

Not only does call tracking help you on a revenue basis, but also works operationally. Call tracking will allow you to find out if there is a particular time period when calls are being missed (whether this is extra-long lunch breaks or a staff member not pulling their weight making you miss conversions). Think missed calls may cause the customer to go to a competitor, meaning you lose that business.

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As always, thank you for joining our weekly fix of PPC & hope you enjoyed hearing about the new feature Mabo is introducing.  Join us again next Thursday, 27th August to find out what Matthew had in store for our team!!

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