Organise A Terrible Stag Doo For Your Fake Boyfriend, The Man Who Has Everything.

As another month goes by, and what has been a somewhat different year so far, now it seems we’re starting to return back to normality. Gyms, Pubs, and Restaurants all opened meaning people can return to their normal lives of working out, drinking out, and eating out (not recommended at the same time). 

Another month going by also means another month of weird and wonderful search terms to explore. So let’s get into it!

During the lockdown, a lot of people may be trying to get healthier and change their lifestyle, which, of course, means drinking more water as hydration is key. However, which water should you drink?

Buying gifts for someone is never an easy task, this person seems to have it even worse as the person they are buying for already ‘has everything’ what would you get him?

Onto presents for the ladies, perfume is normally a safe bet when purchasing presents, not too sure what scent she prefers? What aroma does she want to give while she’s out with the girls? The most expensive one is sure to impress.

I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of putting on a few pounds during the lockdown, with gyms opening again this will be the perfect time to get rid of them. Preparation is key, part of that preparation is a water bottle. Surely the most expensive water bottle must be the best right?

It has been a while since the charging of carrier bags within shops was introduced. However, some still can not seem to understand why hence this curious search term.

We seem to have a mysterious creature on our hands, what could it be? Please be careful if you’re out and about and encounter this wild beast.

Planning a stag do for one of your mates is always fun, from deciding on activities to planning where to drink, it’s bound to be a messy night. It looks like this person wanted to start the night as they mean to go on.

With a new era of English fighters at the top of the heavyweight pecking order right now, it’s hard not to be motivated to learn a few things and maybe get in the ring. If you’re any good you may even get a chance at winning some ‘trofies’.

I can imagine a lot of people have got a bit tired of spending so much time with their partners during the lockdown. Getting to know a person 24/7 can unravel things we never noticed before. Perfect time to grab a fake one for family meetings.

The disclaimer:

We check the Search Term Query Report regularly and I am sure from this post, you can see why this is an important task. All of our accounts go through daily checks to make sure no inappropriate terms are at a cost.  So, rest assured, all of these search terms will have been dealt with appropriately.

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