Dogs Supporting Fashionable Shoes For Their Bunions.

Lockdown really did allow some weird and wonderful search terms to come our way. However, we cannot lie they do give us a right giggle.

I think lockdown caused some people to get frustrated at the smallest things. If you put a picture of your dog up remember to add how much it cost! And remember guys dogs aren’t just for lockdown they are for life. 

Now, I know things are starting to get repetitive and boring at home but I don’t think making your own girlfriend is the answer! However, Youtube is a wonderful place these days. Which you are likely to find after sat in a continuous loop of youtube videos for hours on end.

This can be taken in a few ways? The poor woman is generally looking for help, they have a family member going through Menopause who never helps out. Or they have just cleaned the full house, refused help, then complained that no one helped like most mams tend to do.

Now I think this answers the question above, the poor woman has probably just taken it out on her husband and calmed down and realised she probably went a bit too far. Or it could be that you have been stuck in the house with him for the last 3 month.

This poor person is clearly struggling with their bunions when choosing a new pair of shoes to buy or this a new fad where people are showing off their bunions in style to show everyone how confident they are with their feet. Personally I would suggest maybe a nice pair of comfy sandals.

The disclaimer:

As much as we do enjoy the funny Search Term Query Report’s that come via our accounts. It is also a very important task. All of our accounts go through daily checks to make sure no inappropriate terms are at a cost to any of our clients.

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