Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 6.

“Hard work and training, there is no secret formula.” How does a PPC Agency turn from being a small PPC Agency to a ‘multi-international award-winning PPC agency’ I hear you ask? Well, that quote exactly, hard work and training. Not only does Matthew carry out weekly training for our team, but our whole team carry out hard work every single day. Making sure YOU our lovely clients have the highest level of expertise within your account. You want whoever is working on your account trained to the highest of standards, don’t you?

Last week Matthew went through call tracking with our team. As stated in an earlier post, our team progress through stages of their careers within Mabo, starting from an executive to an account manager before reaching team manager level. This week’s training was specifically for executive’s, as it was something they had yet touched base on. To benefit the team, Matthew brought along a special guest to training. PPC Account Manager Elliot Venis.

Whilst Matthew explained to our executives why Shopping Restructures are needed. Elliot was able to show a live account that he was currently doing a shopping restructure for. This is beneficial as the team were able to learn the reasonings with Matthew and then put their practice to work with Elliot.

So what are shopping restructures I hear you say? Well, a shopping campaign is a campaign type that helps promote your products by giving users detailed product information before they even click your ad. You’d be silly not to have this eh?

However, shopping restructures are a little different. These are essentially a new strategy for how you want to structure your shopping campaigns, whether that be an initial restructure when a new client comes in or if your existing strategy isn’t working well anymore. The decision should be made early about how many campaigns you need and to what granular level you want to segment the data. Once you have your plan in mind, you need to put it together in Google Ads either manually or using a campaign building software from tools such as Optmyzr.

The team were able to assist Elliot in his shopping restructure of creating new campaigns for his account which wanted to promote their products within France. Yes… France!! Wider clientele, more revenue. With this knowledge in mind, executives were able to go back to their account managers and assist them with this important task within many accounts.

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As always, thank you for joining our weekly fix of PPC. Join us again next Thursday, 3rd September to find out what Matthew had in store for our team!! Wow, can you believe we will be in September next week!!

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