Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 7.

How are we into September already? Where is 2020 going? Therefore, motivation was definitely needed yesterday morning before training. And what better than a quote from B.B King?

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” How amazing is that quote and literally so true? Our team are trained to the highest standard, not only for our client’s benefit but also for their own careers. If you have read our previous blogs, you will know progression at Mabo happens regularly for our team which is why training is so vital to make sure the highest level of expertise exists.

Last week Matthew went through shopping restructures with our team and even brought along a special guest to training. PPC Account Manager Elliot Venis.  However, this week’s training was on RLSA Additions. This training was specifically for PPC Executives and each and every one of our 9 executives joined Matthew this morning, showing the dedication and determination that happens within Mabo.

Wondering what an RLSA Addition actually is though?
Well, RLSA stands for remarketing lists for search ads – these can only be added to Search & Shopping campaigns and are carried out via adding audiences at an ad group level. An important task that is carried out often, due to more audience’s meaning more revenue. Win-win situation eh?

So you know what an RLSA is, although why do Mabo carry out this task frequently?
RLSAs help us to re-target users with bid adjustments. Adding them at ad group level means we have a unique bid for every remarketing list in every ad group (as opposed to one for a whole campaign). For example, we can target IOS users, returning visitors, those who remained on the page for more than a certain time frame and many more. We can also target particular demographics and technologies used. The list is endless but the reasoning remains the same, to bring YOU the most clientele which in turn will provide the most revenue 

Matthew wanted our executives to get the most from this training and therefore completed this task within one of his own accounts on a shared screen. Meaning that the team could literally see what he was doing whilst he was explaining. Matthew completed this task within analytics before using Google Ads Editor to add multiple audiences as this platform allows this task to be much quicker. 

The executives will now be able to take this knowledge to their account managers to implement within their accounts. Are you now thinking that you potentially don’t have as many audiences as you would like? Want to know more? Contact our team NOW.

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