Features & Updates Within The World Of Paid Advertising – Volume 4

We are officially into September, how is that possible? 2020 has literally flown past faster than you can say ‘When is I Am A Celeb starting again?’. On the plus side, I heard the line up for this year is supposed to be a good one, even if it is not in the amazing Australian jungle.

Now, sit back and enjoy the first week of September’s Features and Updates of Google Advertising, Microsoft Advertising, and of course one of the biggest social media platforms to date – Facebook.

Google Ads:
Google Ads has been given many names before such as Google Adwords, Google Advertising, the list is endless. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads which appear in the form of search results.

Google Ads start passing taxes onto advertisers in November:
Google has notified advertisers that come November new fees will appear for ads that run in the UK, Turkey and Austria. The charges will increase as follow, 2% in the UK, 5% in Austria and 5% in Turkey. Read our post on this HERE. 

Google Ads announce pre-holiday updates for local campaigns:
Google’s automated campaign type for local businesses, can now optimise for store visits indicators such as clicks on directions or calls. With this, multi-location retailers can also set up location extensions within these campaigns from a list pulled from Google Maps. 

Google Ads limit search term reporting:
Google wants to maintain its standards of privacy and strengthen protections around user data. Search term reports will now only include terms that a significant number of users searched for. Something many users have mixed opinions on. 

Google Ads has created a simple, faster way to create location extensions:
Google has introduced the option to choose your locations from a list of business chains, created by Google. Allowing you in a few clicks to choose the chain you want to promote to and then quickly create a location extension from this. Google will then review to make sure the chain is a good match for your business using signals like its website domain and country. Win-Win eh?

Google Ads recommend new categories for existing conversion actions on the conversions page:
Google’s new feature allows you to group your conversion actions from 6 to 19 different categories! Including “add to cart”, “submit lead form”, “book appointment”, and more. Making it easier for you to understand conversion funnel metrics based on your marketing objectives.

Microsoft Advertising:
Microsoft Advertising is a popular service that provides pay per click advertising across the Microsoft Search Network on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines. With search advertising, you create ads and bid on keywords. One of the locations your ad may appear is the ‘Ads’ section of search results pages.

Microsoft Advertising announces redesign within weeks:
Within weeks you will be able to have easier access to your campaigns and results. A new global menu will also appear on the top of every page with the main menu on the far left to allow quick and easy access to campaigns. Lastly, new keyboard shortcuts will help you access popular pages and actions. All for your productivity.

Microsoft Advertising announces the release of three audience targeting features:
Dynamic Remarketing lists and In-market Audiences in France & Germany for search campaigns, and LinkedIn Profile targeting for both search and audience campaigns. See an example of the audience tab below:

The online social networking website where people can create profiles, share information such as photos and quotes about themselves, and respond or link to the information posted by others. With the popularity, it is no wonder businesses have implemented this platform into their marketing strategy.

Facebook provides an overview of the content to exclude from its recommendation surfaces:
Recommendation guidelines have now been published to include a listing of topics and themes that are ineligible to be highlighted within various discovery surfaces.

Facebook letting some users view Instagram stories on Facebook:
The new feature allows some users to view Instagram Stories on Facebook with the Instagram Story appearing within the Facebook Stories feed. However, this has an Instagram rainbow border around the circle, as opposed to the Facebook blue one.

As always, we hope you enjoyed our weekly updates and features within the world of paid advertising. It was defiantly a busy one this week! We look forward to seeing you again on the 14th September.

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