Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 8.

This week’s training session excited me!! It involved teamwork, talk about Christmas, talk about Valentine’s and at one stage we were even discussing the Royal wedding!! It was an exciting morning!! Therefore, I thought a quotation was definitely needed regarding teamwork and what better than one from Henry Ford? “Teamwork – coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress and working together is success.”

If you have read our previous posts, you will know teamwork at Mabo happens regularly for our team. This happens at social events, inside work, outside work and is an everyday occurrence. See our lovely sales team below (before Covid-19 off course)


Last week Matthew went through RLSA Additions. This training was specifically for our PPC Executives, however this week, Matthew involved the whole PPC Team. The team were split into groups of four and were given 30 minutes to discuss how six specific factors would affect their chosen industry for better or worse. One team member from each group would then discuss the results to everyone and the winning team were presented with a prize! WOOO!!

The four chosen industries were Jewellery, Art, Sport & Hardware. The factors the team had to take into consideration were:

  • Christmas.
  • Extreme Weather.
  • Royal Wedding.
  • Poor Financial Forecast.
  • Valentines Day
  • The Worldcup.

Why did Matthew carry out this training?
Right now, you are thinking about how the factors above would potentially affect the chosen industries. Am I right? This is exactly why Matthew carried out this training, to get our team to ‘think outside the box’ with everyone involved. With not being in the office, the team have missed the interaction of being together, therefore this is something they could work on together. Mabo have clients from every industry and therefore this training session will allow the team to take away their learnings and put them in to practice when the chosen factors take place.

Group 1 were assigned to the Jewellery industry. They believed Christmas would have the greatest impact due to a 44% increase happening over Christmas, leading to more purchases. Google trends see a large spike for charms, rings, necklaces etc during the festive period.

Group 2 were assigned to the Art industry. They believed poor financial forecast would have the greatest impact due to an investment in art if stocks are down. If this is the case, clients will look for other places to put their money.

Group 3 were assigned to the Sporting industry. Obviously, this is an easy one and of course, the team believed the World Cup would have the greatest impact.

Group 4 were assigned to the Hardware industry and chose extreme weather to have the greatest impact. The reasoning behind this was due to the hardware being a very diverse business they can cater to all needs. So if it’s extreme cold they’ll do well on the indoor DIY side of things. Or if it’s extreme heat they’ll do well on the outdoor things, such as outdoor furniture sets, decking etc.

Massive well done to the team for all getting involved and a special well done to group 4 who won and earned themselves 50 bonus coins each! Want to find out how our team can you help you when the said factors arise? Yes? Contact our team NOW. 

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