Escaping From North East Toilets, Neapolitan Ice Cream And Fat!!

We’re back with another edition of the Search Term Query Report Blog, and boy does September have some crackers lined up for you. So, let’s kick things off…

Uh oh, someone’s been eating too much through lockdown (haven’t we all) and now wants to shift the extra pounds. I do like the subtle sassy nature behind this self-motivational message and I really hope whoever wrote this hasn’t had a junk food relapse.  

This search term makes it sound like toilets in the North East are ancient Greek Labyrinths. Google prides itself on having the answers to everything but I think it may struggle to navigate you out of a toilet especially if the toilet in questions happens to be located in a Wetherspoons… as it will be up 5 flights of stairs, through 3 doors, round the corner and into the building next door. (Thinking of your local Wetherspoons eh?) 

Consider yourself lucky! Us common folk only usually find one flavour lurking around at the bottom of your sock. Although this individual has 3!! Shocking!! In all seriousness though, you should probably just put on a new pair of socks and not ask a search engine.

Look I know 2020 has been a crazy year but what have we become? Has everyone become that bored with their run-of-the-mill sheds, that they need something mad to fill a hole in their lives? What does a mad shed look like anyway? I think it’s time to have a browse on Pinterest…

I don’t know, but I hope it really lifts my spirits. I’m sorry if some of you find that joke unpalatable….. I’ll show myself out.

We regularly check the Search Term Query Report because unfortunately, we cannot predict every single search that someone might use, that might trigger your ads. All of our accounts go through rigorous checks and relevancy examination when it comes to the Search Term Query Reports. Any search that is deemed irrelevant is excluded in order to cut spending on wasted traffic and increase quality score within the account. So, rest assured, all of these search terms will have been dealt with appropriately!

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