Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 9.

Last week’s training included talk about Christmas, and like every week, this weeks training was held on a Wednesday. However, there is something special about the date of Wednesday 16th September… There is only 100 day’s left until Christmas, until we are merry and stuffing our faces with turkey, potatoes, pigs in blankets – the lot!!

With that wonderful thought In mind and definitely the motivation needed to help us get through the week. I couldn’t help but think Jim Ryun’s quote worked perfectly, for this week. “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.” This relates perfectly to Mabo’s training. If you read our weekly training post’s you will be aware Matthew hosts a great session every week and the motivation comes from that itself. By hosting the training on a weekly basis it helps our team, work to the best of their ability, meaning your accounts will also work to the best of their ability. That is what we want right?

Last week, Matthew held training on ‘External Factors Affecting Clients’. However this week, DSA’S (Dynamic Search Ads) were focused on.

Wondering what Dynamic Search Ads are?
DSAs use content from your website to target users specifically based on what they are searching, Google then matches the users search queries to content on your site.  The potential customer will therefore see a mix of what they’ve searched and some default ad text you’ve submitted upon creation. See an example below: 

Wondering how DSA’S work?
With DSA’s,
Google pulls text from your site and uses that to create the headline(s) for your DSAs (based on what the user has searched). Meaning this is different for each individual and unique to their search.. making them a lot more likely to purchase. The example below shows how the DSA’s appear to users on both desktop and mobile. 

Wondering why you would use DSA’S?
The question should really be, why not? DSAs are a great way of finding new traffic in accounts, they create lots of potential expansion. You can also control whether these ads target specific product pages, whole categories or the entire site. Meaning if there is a particular product you want to push, you can. 

Every training session, Matthew informs the team of why the training has taken place. This shows not only the importance but also allows the team to explain to the client why they are carrying out the task within their account. With this knowledge in place, executives are able to return to their account manager to carry out DSA’s themselves in preparation for their progression to account manager role.

Are you thinking DSA’s could be beneficial to your account? Wondering where to start? Contact our team NOW. 

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