Features & Updates Within The World Of Paid Advertising – Volume 6.

It’s Monday morning, you want to catch up on the Features and Updates of Google Advertising, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook right? Luckily for you, our lovely team have provided this post, with everything in the one document, to save you time & effort (especially on a Monday)…

Google Ads:
Google Ads, the online advertising platform developed by Google. Allowing advertisers to pay in order to display their advertisements to a wide audience. Businesses are charged when people click on an ad which Is then displayed on one of Google’s networks, including Search, Display, Shopping and YouTube.

Google Ads make custom audience’s available:
Last year, Google said it would be unifying custom affinity and custom intent audiences, under a custom audience option. Therefore, custom audiences are now available within Google Ads for Display, Discover, Gmail and YouTube campaigns. Allowing more flexibility when targeting.

Google Ads boost visibility of ‘nearby’ product inventory via shopping features:
Google want to make product inventory more discoverable. Therefore the features of local store cards, prominent ‘nearby’ filter under the shopping tab and greater visibility for curbside and in-store pickup labels have been provided.

Google Ads announce Youtube dynamic lineups:
Powered by advanced contextual targeting, you can now use Google’s machine learning, to better understand each channel on YouTube. This will allow you to create lineups that are scalable across content, based on specific topics, cultural moments or popularity. Creating better access, to the unique interests and needs of your audiences.

Google Ads make TV in reach planner available within 5 more countries:
TV data in Reach Planner is now also available in Vietnam, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and more countries coming soon. Allowing users to guarantee maximum total reach. Available to all Google Ads users that have access to Reach Planner.

Microsoft Advertising: 
Microsoft Advertising, the popular platform that includes sponsored listings, or “ads,” for search engine results across the Microsoft Search Network. Commonly used for small businesses, that bid for ad placement in the results which appear when users search on the Microsoft Search Network.

Microsft Advertising offers a shopping special:
Register for Microsofts shopping special to hear about a variety of topics and enjoy the interactive learning experience live.

For me, this is my favourite social platform and not just for social updates.. I love seeing businesses post about their products and services (especially when its food). With one billion people worldwide using this platform, It is a fantastic tool for businesses to become heard.

Facebook launches ‘Facebook Business Suite’:
Facebook Business Suite is a new cross-app management tool for SMBs, bringing together Facebook and Instagram publishing, messaging and analytics. This is done via a single dashboard intended to simplify management of content across both platforms.

Wow, what a week it has been within the world of paid advertising. Especially for Google Ads updates. Don’t forget to check in again next Monday (28th September).

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