Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 10.

Last week, Wednesday 16th September, Senior PPC Trainer Matthew Soakell, carried out training on ‘Dynamic Search Ads’. However, for this week’s training session, Matthew had the company of PPC Account Manager – Adam Green.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Say this louder for the people at the back, this quote represents Mabo to an absolute tee! Our weekly training sessions not only give Matthew the chance to strengthen team knowledge but also allows senior members to lead training sessions.

This week, Adam looked at how to manage accounts which have multiple regions in their targeting, as well as multiple sites for those regions. As Adam has two accounts which fall under these categories he was able to give the team a deeper insight. 

When having a client with multiple regions or sites, Adam advised at checking out their website first. Often, clients will have one of two options such as one website, with no region level customisation that they want to use to target other areas. Or, a website with multiple region subdomains in terms of language/shipping/region-specific products. Depending on the account, it’s better to have content/sites which cater to the specific regions that you want to target. After all, that is what is important, targeting those customers. 

Secondly, Adam advised to check out language targeting, as you want your ads to appear to customers who can understand them. The example below is the same client selling the same product, but shown in England & Germany. 

Similarly, when creating search campaigns, we want to make the messaging consistent. Not all clients will have the intent to have multiple websites for regions, however, when they do, it gives you the opportunity to create ads from the language of the ad copy through to the extensions. 

However, search campaigns aren’t the only option for these particular clients. Shopping campaigns are also an option. A benefit of this option (if available) is that you can start to understand how users search in that language, which can then improve your keyword choices in search campaigns. Bringing in more conversions, which is what we want, right? 

Adam advised the team, to take advantage of translation tools and pages, in order to create, highly engaging ads for whichever region you are targeting. If the client is interested in making the campaigns as successful as possible, having the site translated will be a massive asset too.  Scheduling and time zones in the account are also key to keep everything running smoothly.

With this knowledge, the team will now be equipped for their current or new clients who want to venture to multi-country or multi-language accounts.  Again, a massive well done and thank you to Adam for today’s training session.

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