Features & Updates Within The World Of Paid Advertising – Volume 7.

It literally feels like yesterday since I was saying ‘the first Monday within September‘ and now, it’s the last! Unsure if that is more shocking than Boris Johnsons recent announcement… However, time to dive into this week’s Features and Updates of Google Advertising, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook.

Google Ads: 
Google Ads – the online advertising platform developed by Google. This platform allows advertisers to pay to distribute their advertisements on both Google Search and non-search websites, such as mobile apps, and videos, otherwise known as the Google Display Network.

Manage accounts at scale with Google Ads API:
Google Ads API
is available for both advertisers and developers. This feature allows you to build tools, support your business with new capabilities and manage your campaigns and increase overall productivity. Improvements are also available to the existing features of Keyword Planner, change history and billing.

Google Ads create a new video channel:
Google Ads have created ‘Ads on air’, a new video channel where you’ll get a deeper look at the latest product innovations, presented by the people that built them. 

Google Ads make frequency reporting more helpful for video campaigns:
Google Ads introduce three new metrics, frequency distribution, weekly average frequency and monthly average frequency. Helping the advertisers to better understand the frequency performance of your video campaigns and video ads. Very helpful feature from Google.

Google Ads share a new guide on common AdSense policy questions:
Google has published a new listing of key and common AdSense questions in order to help web publishers maximise their Google ad revenue opportunities.

Microsoft Advertising:
The well known popular platform provides pay per click advertising via sponsored listings, or “ads,”  across the Microsoft Search Network.

Microsoft Advertising creates Microsoft Audience Network Bootcamp:
On September 30th, Microsoft will host a Bootcamp in order to help you expand your knowledge on targeting, best practices and more. The Microsoft Advertising team will host interactive how-to LIVE learning experiences.

Microsoft Advertising creates ‘open perspectives unplugged’ series:
This live virtual event creates open space for marketers to come together to connect and learn from one another. Topics covered will include, open perspectives, equitable experiences and inclusion. One event will take place each month on the run-up to Christmas.

Here at Mabo, we are proud to be a Facebook marketing partner. With one billion people worldwide using this platform for social reasons. Many businesses use this to generate business, make contacts & of course promote their services. And check out the new & sleek marketing badge below.

Facebook is removing restrictions on text content within Ad Images:
Facebook is removing its restrictions on ads which include more than 20% text in the main image. Meaning Facebook will no longer penalise those ads which have higher amounts of image text within them. Big news for advertisers.  

Facebook expands Rights Manager to detect copyright image use across Facebook:
Rights Manager works by cross-referencing your uploaded visual content against other user uploads across Facebook’s platforms. You will then be alerted of any content which may be a potential violation. Meaning, you now no longer need to worry about protecting your images.

Wow, what a busy week it has been for updates. Don’t forget to check in again next Monday (5th October) to find out the latest features & updates that have happened in the world of paid advertising!

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