Get Your Weekly Fix Of PPC Training: Volume 11.

Wednesday mornings are usually occupied with a training session from Mabo’s Senior PPC Trainer, Matthew Soakell. However this week Matthew invited Senior Account Manager Richard Graham to lead the team in a training session.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan. This quote represents Mabo to a tee. I have spoken to very few, (if any) team members who have experienced a higher level of teamwork at any other workplace.

This week, Richard carried out a recap and in-depth training session based on Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Centre is an online dashboard, where online businesses manage their eCommerce products and make changes to their online product listing specifically to advertise their inventory via google ads. 

The above is carried out by using a feed, which is a data source that Merchant Center use to display your products on Google. The feed acts as the go-between from the client’s website to their merchant center account and is used to import product information. Feeds contain vital information and behind the scene structures that help us to create and sculpt shopping campaigns. Feeds come in a variety of formats, such as XML File, Content API, FTP Upload and many more.  The type of feed will vary depending on the client’s website platform and the preference or capability of the person who set it up.

As our team know, a good feed is vital. Product titles should be strong, organised and concise. Product descriptions should include everything that people may search for. Order of information is also important in regards to descriptions, so keep the important search query friendly terms to within the first sentence as much as possible.

When coming across a ‘bad feed’, that has very little information to work with. Custom labels are very useful, which are a customisable option to give some extra specification to your products, primarily to help organise campaigns, a pricing system could be applied for example. 

However, like everything (and not just PPC related) feeds need to be maintained regularly to monitor changes that may occur through products being disapproved. At Mabo, our team investigate disapprovals and help clients fix them. If products become disapproved, it means they are not eligible to be displayed on google. So this is something we want to avoid at all times & do daily checks to make sure this does not occur. 

A massive well done to Richard for this fantastic training session, not only were our team able to take a lot away from this session, but Richard was also.


“I’ve been at Mabo for around 3 years now and being able to offer a training session and pass on some of my thoughts and ideas on a quite broad subject really helps you to put things into perspective. It was really useful trying to identify areas people might not have thought about or encountered before, and will certainly help with my role of helping to develop execs that I work closely with in the future.”


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