Features & Updates Within The World Of Paid Advertising – Volume 9.

How is it Monday again? The weekend has gone in faster than you can say ‘Features & Updates’. To save you the task from having to scroll through endless documents. We have provided you with Features and Updates of Google Advertising, Microsoft Advertising, and of course one of the biggest social media platforms to date – Facebook all within this post. Enjoy!!

Google Ads:
Google Ads has been given many names before such as Google Adwords, Google Advertising, the list is endless. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads which appear in the form of search results.

Google Ads Introduce An Insights Page:
In response to the current pandemic, Google created a brand new insights page. By using the new feature of  ‘Rising Retail Categories’ this will allow advertisers to see the current trending searches, auction insights and interest predictions which will be tailored to their specific account. Alongside, integrating with recommendations (as shown below). Find out what Mabo’s Operations Director has to say HERE. 

Google Ads Introduce Simplified Locations Reports:
Google has consolidated locations reporting into one report. The old Geographic and User location reports are rolled up into this. You can now, filter performance data by the locations you’re targeting, or the matched locations (for a campaign or the full account). 

Microsoft Advertising:
Microsoft Advertising is a popular service, providing pay per click advertising across the Microsoft Search Network on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines. With search advertising, you create ads and bid on keywords. One of the locations your ad may appear is the ‘Ads’ section of search results pages.

Microsoft host Search Partner Network:
Microsoft’s exciting Bootcamp will explore their Search Partner Network and how you can optimize it to get more qualified traffic. You will also learn how to leverage and analyze website URL reports. This will not be one to miss!

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center (DCM) is now available in open beta in the U.S:
With the move to beta, Microsoft has added several new features. Including, search term control, on-site analytics and ad reviews. After suggestions came in from users, it is clear Microsoft are doing what is best for their clients! Looking forward to this update coming into the U.K.

The online social networking website where people can create profiles, share information such as photos and quotes about themselves, and respond or link to the information posted by others. With the popularity, it is no wonder businesses have implemented this platform into their marketing strategy.

Facebook adds new tools & guides for coming out day 2020:
Facebook has announced new features and presentations, which will enable people to learn more, and participate via their Facebook and Instagram presence. Features include logos, stickers and personal stories!! Definitely, one to watch!!

What another busy week within the World of Paid Advertising!! Join us again on the 19th of October to find out the latest features & updates. 

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