Fast Cars & Peeing Dogs In Leather Jackets

Today we are back with another edition of the Search Term Query Report Blog, and boy does October have some crackers lined up for you. Let’s face it, we all need something to cheer us up at the moment, don’t we? So, let’s kick things off…

Being a car enthusiast, I’ve often wondered that question. Although Lambo’s are extremely fast, my best bet is that a certain Jeremy Clarkson may have that answer. Saying that this might’ve been a potential search from the man himself. Even he has to do his research. I’m sure if you watch that BBC show he was in or The Grand Tour, he’ll have the answer. Powerrrrr!

I’ve heard that a canvas coloured in blue can sell for millions of pounds; seriously, just a canvas totally painted in one colour. Either this person wants to buy a present as a joke for one of their mates or is actually serious about owning some stupid art, that does come at a hefty price though.

There’s a lot of searches for the rarest [insert item name here] but this one I didn’t expect. I didn’t even know Lego did a rare brick. If you ask Google that, you probably have to do several hours of digging to the bottom of the internet to find the answer to that one.

I know the lockdown isn’t the best thing to happen but buying yourself some happy artwork will definitely help keep your spirits high. Smiley faces seem to do the trick.

Relating to the rarest lego brick term, I think this person may have the answer. You definitely don’t want to be letting your child build with this. I don’t know how many gold lego bricks exist but why not build yourself a 24k lego house. Either that or just hord them for eternity. I’m sure Ed Sheeran would be proud.

This one person decided they’d tell Google’s dog to stop peeing there. Although, they could have been extremely frustrated that lots of dogs were peeing there (where ever ‘there’ is) so they vented off to Google. I think they need a big sign in red letters saying that though.

This one is actually really funny, it turns out that this person was searching for a leather biker jacket. However, it seems like they were doing a bit of online shopping while drunk.

Congratulations, for reading this entire blog post, you’ve won a Lamborghini (just kidding!). I don’t think anyone would pass on this opportunity though. Although it doesn’t actually specify if it’s a toy or an actual car. It would be funny if Lamborghini sent them a 1:43 scale toy car, I suppose that way everyone would get a free one. Although, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking a real Lambo.

*** Disclaimer ***
We regularly check the Search Term Query Report because unfortunately, we cannot predict every single search that someone might use, that might trigger your ads. All of our accounts go through rigorous checks and relevancy examination when it comes to the Search Term Query Reports. Any search that is deemed irrelevant is excluded in order to cut spending on wasted traffic and increase quality score within the account. So, rest assured, all of these search terms will have been dealt with appropriately!

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