Our Senior PPC Trainer, Matthew Soakell is supplying us with all the special guests recently. Last week seen one of our brilliant Senior Account Managers Richard, host the training session. However, this week Matthew invited Federica Mueller from Microsoft to host a training morning on Microsoft’s Audience Network. 

Hard work and training – there is no secret formula.” If you follow this post weekly (if you don’t, ask yourself why).. then you will know Mabo take their training very seriously, with daily and weekly sessions being held. This is not only for our team’s benefit but also for our client’s. You want someone working in your account who is to to the highest standard, right? Well at Mabo, we make sure we supply that.

This week, Microsoft focused on four different areas with our team:

  • Meet the Microsoft Audience Network
  • Why Invest in the Microsoft Audience Network
  • Image Ads vs. Product Ads
  • Campaign Set-Up

Meet the Microsoft Audience Network
Microsoft Audience Network is a native advertising solution similar to Facebook Ads (FAN) and the Google Display Network, powered by the Microsoft Advertising Graph and Artificial Intelligence. Advertisers have the choice to manage their native advertising spend with their search campaigns or separately from their search campaigns.

Advertisers can reach their audience at scale through in-feed native ads. Due to 22.7 million monthly unique visitors in the UK. Choose between text ad, product ad and image ad.

You now know what the Microsoft Audience Network is, but why would you invest in it?
By using the Microsoft Audience Network, you can reach a large audience through brand-safe environments or placements on premium sites including MSN, and more. However, what sets Microsoft Audience apart from others is their rich user understanding that powers high performance.

The Microsoft Advertising Graph consists of robust data sets, including search and web activity, LinkedIn professional profiles, demographics and more. Check it out below:

Image Ads vs. Product Ads:
Microsoft then explained to our team, as beneficial as both are, choosing between image ads and product ads can be tricky.

Image Ads have the bonus of, being able to use the Google Import Tool, to pull your image ads over from the Google Display Network. To get started, you only need a single image which meets all image requirements. The more images and the more ad variations, the better! Use three to five images per campaign and rotate in new images every three weeks to avoid user fatigue. Keeping your clients interested will boost revenue.

Product Ads have the bonus of the shopping feed auto-populating in order to create your ad. These are to inform your client of what exactly is being offered and can be customised depending on your messaging by audience and image. Microsoft explained, the key here is to rotate regularly, play with your ad copy to keep your ads fresh in order to entice potential customers.

Campaign Set-Up:
The last point Microsoft explained to the team, and potentially the most important is campaign set-up. The key for this is to keep it simple & of course fill your marketing funnel. Check it out below. Targeting options should also be carefully considered, however, Microsoft has provided many features to help you narrow your audience. When managing your targeting, you will be able to quickly see if your campaign is targeting narrowly or broadly, this information will then allow reach to be maximised.

With being a Microsoft Partner, we are able to have the strongest communication & resources with the platform. Not only does this benefit us, but you, as the client, will know the highest level of work is being completed within your account. Win-win situation eh?

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