Features & Updates Within The World Of Paid Advertising – Volume 11

The last Monday of October is officially upon us, meaning it is only 5 more weeks until we are in December!! Which has me thinking, it is totally acceptable to start playing Christmas films right? To save you more time on your Christmas list, we have provided you with Features and Updates of Google Advertising, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook all within this post. Enjoy!!

Google Ads: 
Google Ads – the online advertising platform developed by Google. This platform allows advertisers to pay to distribute their advertisements on both Google Search and non-search websites, such as mobile apps, and videos, otherwise known as the Google Display Network. 

Google Partner

Google Ads make it easier to upload and edit promotions in the Google Merchant Center:
With the holiday season approaching, Google are doing more to help you get noticed by shoppers. Advertisers will now be able to upload promotions faster and easily react to changing market dynamics, alongside, reaching shoppers across more Google Surfaces.  Currently, these new features are only available within the U.S. however, if successful we hope they will reach the U.K soon.  The image below shows a promotion displayed, via shopping ads on google images.

Google Ads Introduces more reporting features to help evaluate your overall performance:
Target and budget stimulators will become available for Smart Shopping Campaigns to estimate how changes to your return on ad spend (ROAS) or budget will impact your metrics based on your historical data from the last 7 days. Alongside Auction Insights to retail category reporting for search and shopping campaigns in the Google Ads Report Editor – see image below. In Merchant Center, you will now also be able to use the new Report Editor to see additional metrics, such as impressions and click-through rate, across your free listings and ads. These new features will allow you to get the big picture of how your account Is performing.

Google Ads allows you to highlight your brand and products in rich creatives:
Google have created a new modernised look and feel to dynamic display ads. These will now display your company name and logo, in order to differentiate your brand. A short headline is more visible in most ad sizes, which can be used to highlight a holiday promotion message (perfect for Christmas). Check out the example below. Videos can now also be added to Smart Shopping Campaigns. With these creatives, both performance & revenue will be likely to be improved.

Microsoft Advertising: 
Microsoft Advertising, the popular platform that includes sponsored listings, or “ads,” for search engine results across the Microsoft Search Network. Commonly used for small businesses, that bid for ad placement in the results which appear when users search on the Microsoft Search Network.

Microsoft Advertising create digital events, all available on-demand, to help you get prepped for the holiday season:
Microsoft created webcasts which take a closer look at Shuttershock & Microsoft Audience Ads, Shopping Campaigns, Retail Unwrapped, Audiences & Automation.  By having direct access to these webcasts, Microsoft allow advertisers to have the latest insights and feature updates. Wanting to access these webcasts? Click HERE. 

For me, this is my favourite social platform and not just for social updates… I love seeing businesses post about their products and services (especially when its food). With one billion people worldwide using this platform, It is a fantastic tool for businesses to become heard.

Facebook Launches New Podcast To Share Business Insights & Advice:
Facebook launches a new podcast called ‘Boost My Business’. The podcast will feature interviews with various business leaders and small business owners to share insights, opportunities and tips In order to help others succeed on Facebook’s platform.

Facebook Announces New Advertising Options For Christmas:
With Christmas only around the corner, Facebook has announced new ad tools to allow advertisers to get the most out of the platform. The new tools include being able to create Instagram ads with product tags within Ads Manager alongside adding custom audience options within Facebook. Facebook’s also launching a new test of discount features for Facebook and Instagram shops in the US. Check it out below.


Wow, what a week it has been this week within the World Of Paid Advertising. Catchup again with us next week on the 2nd November to find out what the week had in store.

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