Features & Updates Within The World Of Paid Advertising – Volume 12.

Wow, how is it the first week of October already? Time really does fly! If you read last week’s post (if you didn’t, please note I am judging you), you will be aware that every Monday, team Mabo provide you with a weekly update on everything you need to know within The World Of Paid Advertising. I mean, what better way to start your week eh?

Google Ads:
Google Ads is otherwise known as the online advertising platform, developed by Google where advertisers pay to distribute advertisements. Many advertisers use this platform to place ads on both Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos, otherwise known as the Google Display Network. Such a big platform, so updates are frequent.

Google Ads Report Gets A New Look:
Google Ads has created a new look for Report Editor. The update means Report Editor is set up more like Data studio (meaning the dimension & metrics panel is now on the right). More visualisation features are also in place, such as conditional formatting alongside the ability to filter and sort data with dropdowns next to each field. These changes will make it a lot easier to analyse performance and build reports.

Google Ads Create New Features & Alerts To Help Set Up Campaigns:
If you are involved with Google Ads, you will know how critical setting up campaigns are. Therefore Google Ads have created three new features to provide efficiency and ease. If your campaign has any critical issues, you’ll now receive an alert (see the image below). You will now also be able to pick up where you left off, as draft campaigns will be saved automatically. Lastly, you can now also create a new campaign from the overview page and see if it has been disapproved to help you build campaigns faster.

Google Ads Campaigns/Portfolios Which Use Target Spend With Maximise Click Bid Strategy, Will Now Use Daily Campaign Budgets Instead:
This feature is carried out to help you minimise the impact that Google’s previous update of target spend for maximise clicks, no longer being available would have. The maximum cost per click bid limit may be lowered for strategies that are still using the target spend. Strategies that do not have a target spend will not be impacted.

With one billion people using this social media platform, it is a no brainer that you should get your business using Facebook. Probably the only social platform that not only alerts you of people’s birthdays, when you have memories but also lets you check in on that long lost cousin, without actually contacting them!


Facebook Updates Elevate Platform To Provide More Support For Black, Latnix & Hispanic Communities:
As part of its mission to reach a million members each of the Black, Latinx and Hispanic communities in the US by 2023, Facebook has today updated its Elevate website, which provides a range of resources and tools to assist businesses in utilising Facebook to expand their process.

Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming On Android & Web:
With gaming seeing a big rise in 2020, Facebook has launched a new set of cloud-streamed games, which will enable users on Android and the Web to play instantly, with no downloads required. Facebook’s also added a new, playable ad type for developers to promote their games, another simple, entry-level way to boost engagement.

As always, we hope your Monday morning guide to the Updates & Features within The World of Paid Advertising. Join us again next week on the 9th November!!

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