Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses.

The current pandemic has brought a lot of heartache, worry and stress for many people. However, community has become a much bigger focus within 2020, with more people considering how they can support local businesses in order to lessen the impacts of the pandemic.

Small businesses have been hit hard since the restrictions have come into play. Facebook believe this is particularly true of Black-owned businesses. Black-owned SMBs have been closing at twice the rate of other small businesses throughout 2020.  With that in mind, Facebook decided to step in and take action by launching a range of new tools for SMBs to help them use the platform more effectively and maximise their revenue. However, Facebook was not the only one’s who decided to take action, which can be shown in the image below. 

As stated, Facebook will launch a range of new tools for SMBs, alongside a new set of initiatives specifically for Black-owned businesses. Check them out below. 

  • #BuyBlack Friday Show – Allowing people to tune in every Friday at 11am, to Facebook’s Lift Black Voices Hub, Facebook App or Facebook Inc. page to join a LIVE show, hosted by comedian and bestselling author, Phoebe Robinson. 
  • #BuyBlack Friday Gift Guide – A curation of items from 60 US Black-owned businesses including beauty, home and fashion products. This will be live and will be brought to life during the #BuyBlack Friday Show with Facebook’s new Live Shopping capabilities, for a unique shopping experience celebrating and supporting Black businesses.
  • #BuyBlack Challenge – Allowing users to ‘tag’ their favourite black business and use the #BuyBlackChallenge hashtag to automatically invite others to take the challenge via a footer on their post that encourages family and friends to ‘Try It’ too.

Facebook is really doing everything they can in order to make sure they are supporting businesses during this difficult time. Check out the full article HERE. 

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