It is officially 22 sleeps until probably the biggest shopping day of the year, before Christmas Eve of course – for those last-minute people. Black Friday is on its way & will commence on the 27th November 2020. Businesses will be doing their utmost to make sure their products & services are getting the highest level of revenue & Mabo are exactly the same. 

Last week, award-winning Senior PPC Account Manager, Tom Atkinson, carried out a training session on Smart Bidding. 

However this week, Senior PPC Trainer, Matthew Soakell, carried out a training session for the whole team, in order to make sure they were prepped to the highest standard in order for the big day. The session included both looking at creating sales ads using Google Ads Editor and setting them live using automated rules, alongside using Merchant Center to set up promotions for Shopping Ads.

“Black Friday wishes to all the brave souls, may your bags be heavy & your wallets full”

Firstly, Matthew advised the team on creating sales ads for search campaigns. The first step of this is to label all live ads within Editor. The reasoning behind this is to make sure ‘sale ads’ and ‘non-sale ads’ are kept apart, to stop duplications and to keep the organisation. 

The team carry this out by selecting the campaigns in which they want to apply a rule to, before selecting the conditions and the frequency of how the rules should run. The conditions should be the label you have applied within Editor.

Secondly, Matthew took the team through Merchant Center shopping ad promotions. This process is completed within Merchant Center via the ‘marketing’ and ‘promotions’ tab. Depending on what the client wants to promote on Black Friday, the team will be able to choose between amount off, percentage off, free gift or free delivery. 

Once completed, you must then set the promotion title, ID, which products the sale is going to apply to & the dates it will run. The title will be seen by potential customers and therefore our team make sure it is something eye-catching with all the correct information.

As stated above, it is clear the amount of work which needs to go into preparing clients’ accounts for Black Friday, which is why our team undertake training in the run-up to the big day; to make sure you, the client, have the best chance at securing those purchases. 

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