How are we into the second week of November already? Is it acceptable to put up the Christmas tree yet? Very tempting… Anyway, on to what matters, the latest Features and Updates within The World Of Paid Advertising via Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook. Start your Monday the right way and read the below post to make sure you are up to date.

Google Ads:
The main purpose of this platform is for advertisers to bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear on both Google Search and non-search websites, such as mobile apps, and videos, otherwise known as the Google Display Network.

Google Ads Allows You To Import Data Into Google Sheets:
Google are aware importing data into Google Sheets can require a lot of manual work & therefore have created a new Google-Ads add on. This tool helps you create custom reports using your Google Ads data. To get started, select ‘Get add-ons’ under the Add-ons dropdown in Google Sheets, and then search for ‘Google Ads’ in the G Suite Marketplace. Then, click on the entry for Google Ads and hit the ‘Install’ button. Check it out below.

Google Ads allows you to link your Google Ads account to Ads Data Hub:
Ads Data Hub helps you unlock actionable insights across multiple Google platforms like Google Ads, Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360. To make it even easier for you to unlock these insights in your advertising campaigns, you can now link your Google Ads account to Ads Data Hub directly in the interface. Allowing you to access detailed, event-level data from your Google Ads campaigns in Ads Data Hub.

Microsoft Advertising:
Microsoft Advertising provides pay per click advertising across the Microsoft Search Network. With search advertising, you create ads and bid on keywords. One of the locations your ad may appear is the ‘Ads’ section of search results pages.

Microsoft Advertising Promotion Extensions Available In Time For The Holidays:
Promotion extensions are now available for Microsoft Advertising accounts in the U.S and allow users to select from a list of events or occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The promotion details and dates will also show in Microsoft Advertising text ads, as shown in the example below.

Microsoft Advertising Announces The Open Beta Of Mixed Campaigns: 
These campaigns will include both standard and dynamic ad groups. Allowing users to save time managing campaigns, alongside, importing mixed campaigns from Google Ads. An example can be shown below.

Microsoft Advertising Creates A More Powerful Keyword Planner:
Microsoft Advertising have added a section where you can now get keyword ideas from your landing pages, either from your entire site or by specifying a certain page. Alongside, expanding from just six markets and three languages to 34 markets and 12 languages. You can now also target multiple countries under the same language. Check it out below.

Microsoft Advertising Expands Performance Reporting:
In order to make performance reporting more reliable, Microsoft have added prominence metrics such as top impression rate and absolute top impression rate. The updated timeline for removing the average position will also be available on 31st March 2021.

Microsoft Advertising Creates A One-Stop Shop For All Recommendations:
Microsoft Advertisings new recommendations page helps you to improve keywords, bids, budgets, ads and extensions, fix critical issues in your accounts, as well as pointing you towards key automation features in Microsoft Advertising. Even if you manage multiple accounts, you can still get all these recommendations in one place within the overview page.

With one billion people using Facebook, It is a very popular social media platform for businesses to get their products and services out there. Many businesses use this to generate business, make contacts & of course promote their services. Did I mention how Mabo are a Facebook Marketing Partner?


Facebook Provides New Ad Copy Tips To Help Maximise Performance: 
With Christmas only around the corner, Facebook have created new ad copy tips & formulas you can use to build your ads. Top tips include giving your brand a voice, positioning your products, creating brand packaging & spending strategically. The image below shows how to create an effective Facebook ad.

Facebook Tests New Options To Add Motion Effects To Still Images In Feed:
Facebook is testing new visual effects options for still images posted to News Feed, which add simulated, video-like movement to your pictures. The new options provide two sets of visual effects tools for your still image uploads. ‘Layout’ provides different presentation styles for multi-image posts & ‘Motion’ adds basic movement to your images. When you apply a motion option, it then creates a new type of image, which zooms or focuses like a video.

Wow, what a week it has been, we hope you have enjoyed all the latest features & updates within the World Of Paid Advertising! Catch up with us again on the 16th November!

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