Sombrero Wearing Dog Up A Ladder.

Another month has passed and November has brought us another batch of weird, but yet wonderful search terms. We may have headed into another lockdown but November hasn’t disappointed us by supping an array of searches to give us a good giggle. 

Tired of breaking your back trying to get the dog in the car? Clearly, this person is… Why not try a custom dog ladder for them instead? 

2020 has certainly changed how we celebrate birthdays and this search term emphasises just how much, with virtual birthdays and birthdays cards now becoming the ‘in’ trend. 

Who doesn’t love Halloween & dressing up? If you are going to dress up, you might aswell dress up your dog also.  All they need now is matching maracas and they got the complete outfit. They’ll be the talk of the party.

I’ve seen many fads and diet pills which people think help with weight loss but using laxatives is a new one for me. Personally, it’s not something I would want to try.

I mean who doesn’t find an Oompa Loompa sexy? Okay, maybe not that many people but hey, whatever floats your boat I’m certainly not one to judge.

*** The disclaimer – As much as we love to find funny search terms as it does give us a laugh, we do take it seriously in making sure they are dealt with accordingly. We complete daily tasks to make sure nothing irrelevant or inappropriate is left.***

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