Happy Monday!!!! ‘I’m A Celebrity’ has officially started & therefore it means we really are a step closer to Christmas!! Continue reading for the Latest Features and Updates within The World Of Paid Advertising via Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook.

Usually, this post would be jam-packed with the latest features & updates, however, due to Black Friday approaching on the 27th November, many platforms are busy supporting their retailers. Making sure ads are not only to the highest level but also that customers can see the best deals available to them.

Google Ads:
Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is an advertising service enabling businesses to display ads within Google’s search results and advertising network. Businesses are charged when people click on an ad which Is then displayed on one of Google’s networks, including Search, Display, Shopping and YouTube.

Google Ads ‘Core Web Vitals’ metrics to factor into search rankings from May 2021:
After first outlining its new ‘Core Web Vitals’ Google has now confirmed that these elements will influence search rankings as of May 2021, adding new considerations for your SEO approach. The three elements you need to consider regarding these web vitals are largest contentful paint, first input delay and cumulative layout shift.  You will need to take these new elements into account in order to maximise search rankings and keep your page in the top results.

Facebook is defined as an online social networking website. Allowing people to create individual profiles, share information and respond to others. Although also a fantastic platform for businesses to get themselves known and heard. 

Facebook Launches New Video Series:
Facebook has announced the launch of a new video series, hosted by Post Malone, which it will make exclusively available on Messenger and Instagram via the Watch Together option. It is suspected that this will be a good way to get more users trying out the Watch Together functionality and also to enhance engagement.

Facebook Updates Report Moderation Systems To Ensure Worst Case Content Is Dealt With First:
Facebook has updated its content moderation queue system, allowing significant improvements to slow the spread of harmful content.  Facebook’s team of human moderators are being guided towards the worst-case reports first, limiting the spread of such harmful content.

With next week being the week off ‘Black Friday’ updates & features are likely to slack again. Join us on the 23rd November to find out more.

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