There are officially 8 day’s left until Black Friday commences & Mabo are making sure the whole team are prepared. Two weeks ago, Senior PPC Trainer Matthew Soakell carried out a training session to make sure the team had all the information & guidance they needed to create the highest quality of sales ads. 

However, this week Mabo’s Operations Director, Rob Jackson carried out a training session to inform the team of what exactly to do before, during and after Black Friday. 

Rob informed the team how before Black Friday there are a few points to focus on such as:

  • Messaging:
    With Messaging, preparation into ad copy is key to being successful. What sale is being run, how long for and what products are included is vital information.  Promotion extensions and merchant promotions will also be checked regularly.
  • Budgets & Targeting:
    Account managers thoroughly check how much clients are able to spend before being limited. Knowing this information will allow us to strive to meet targets.
  • Scheduling:
    The key to being organised is scheduling, many of our clients have non-UK campaigns, and therefore time-zone’s must be checked.

During Black Friday is where the team really get to use their strategies:

  • Analyse, analyse and analyse:
    The team will thoroughly check everything is good to go! From campaigns picking up impressions to merchant promotions and to Microsoft Ads. 
  • Smart Bidding Campaigns:
    Keeping an eye on smart bidding campaigns will happen regularly throughout the day. Making changes to targets & budgets will try to be avoided, where possible, on the day.
  • Manual Bidding Campaigns:
    The team will make sure review performance takes place regularly alongside analysing the impact of bid changes. Rotation between accounts is necessary. 

After Black Friday, the work does not stop there:

  • Scheduling & bidding:
    Mabo makes sure we have all sale details from our clients and check merchant promotions and promotion extensions have changed/been paused, dependent on what is necessary. 

Confidence is something senior members of staff, really try to emphasise within Mabo. Which is why training is provided on a daily and weekly basis within the whole company. Not only is this for the team’s benefit, but also for you, as our client to know that the highest level of work is being carried out within your account every day.

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