One of the busiest weeks’ in the industry is upon us, that’s right ‘Black Friday’ is happening in exactly 4 sleeps! Then before we know it, Cyber Monday will have been and gone and we will be taking the Christmas decorations out of the attic and getting the turkey on! Time really does fly.. although before we get too festive, it is time for the  Latest Features and Updates within The World Of Paid Advertising via Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook.

** Please note that a wider amount of features & updates are common, however, due to Black Friday approaching on the 27th November, many platforms are busy supporting their retailers. Making sure ads are not only to the highest level but also that customers can see the best deals available to them.

Google Ads Wants Advertisers To Give Broad Match Another Go:
Google is going to start showing new recommendations for switching to broad match in Google Ads. If you’re using Smart Bidding, Google will identify existing keywords that are likely to improve performance if you switch them to broad match. Although many advertisers are sceptical on the new feature, others are willing to try out the recommendations. Check out the Twitter feed from the update.

Google Ads Auction Insights Report Expands To Report Editor:
Auction insights are now available in Report Editor at the account and manager account level. With this update, you can new uncover cross-account auction insights with ease by using Report Editor too, track metrics like impression share, overlap rate, and outranking share over time with charts. You can also, identify shifts in auction performance and analyse your metrics with a time comparison. Alongside, comparing performance across retail product categories by segmenting the auction insights report.

Google Improve Smart Bidding:
To make it even easier for companies to achieve their goals, Google are rolling out several new features to help manage campaigns using Smart Bidding. New features include predicting performance with updates to Target CPA, ROAS & budget simulators. By applying these features, companies will be able to track performance.



Facebook Makes Its Latest Experimental App Available To All Users:
Facebook’s new product experimentation team has announced a full US launch of its latest app, called E.gg. The app enables users to create a web-based collage of their favourite things to share with the whole Facebook community and not just those who have the app.

Join us again on November 30th to check out the latest features & updates which have taken place this week!

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