Buying A Pigeon Online In A Morphsuit.

How are we into December already? It is the last Search Term Query Report of the month, and boy is it a good one!! It is no surprise we need a good cheering up, with lockdown having a massive effect on many of us around the world. So, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the weird and wonderful search terms found this month.

Is this an innocent typo? Or was Snoop Dogg doing some late night online shopping while filming on location for his Just Eat advert? After a few too many gin ‘n juices? I guess we’ll never know fo’ shizzle…

For this person’s sake, I hope this is a rare type of pine that can only be found deep within the foothills of the Patagonian mountains, but I do have my doubts. 10/10 for effort, 1/10 for execution.

Another strange one here, I’m no expert on bird law but I think this may fall within a legal grey area. Having said that, it’s probably the only product you can buy that’s capable of actually delivering itself. In any case, I hope they managed to s-coop (sorry) themselves a great Black Friday deal on a pigeon.

I can only assume this is related to some rugby antics. It would be nice if anyone who wanted to, could sit back quietly with a few ales and watch the six nations quietly in their homes. Absolutely no chance of that with this bloke running around the living room shouting “Cymru am byth” in his morphsuit, pretending to be a dragon. My thoughts and prayers with the people he lives with.

Oh and to answer his question… Wales, probably.

I’m a big fan of this one, who says you can’t mix classic humour and environmental responsibility. You could lose one of these on the drunken stagger between Popworld and the local kebab shop and still wake up the next morning, safe in the knowledge that it won’t end up getting lodged in a sea turtle. Marvellous.


*** The disclaimer – As much as we love to find funny search terms as it does give us a laugh, we do take it seriously in making sure they are dealt with accordingly. We complete daily tasks to make sure nothing irrelevant or inappropriate is left.***

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