What a week it was for companies around the world, in making sure they were prepared for the most successful Black Friday to date. Before the big day itself & after.  Therefore, we wanted to make sure you had all the Latest Features and Updates within The World Of Paid Advertising in the one post. Continue reading to check out the latest on Google Ads, and Facebook.

* Due to Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the run up to Christmas updates have been less frequent *

Google Discovery Ads can now use your 4:5 social image assets:
There is now a 4:5 portrait aspect ratio layout that showcases Discovery ad images more prominently in feeds. This will be especially useful for those who already have 4:5 assets within Facebook & Instagram ads. As you can now use those assets within discovery campaigns. 

Google Ads create reporting for audience expansion:
Available at ad group, campaign and account levels. Showing performance metrics from audience expansion, above the audiences, already applied. Users can find this within a new “Total: Expansion” row at the bottom of the report on the Audiences tab in the Google Ads UI.

Google Ads add business messaging options in maps & search to help streamline connection:
Google is adding prominent message options in both maps and search, making it easier for people to reach out with their questions when they find your business in Google’s apps. Allowing you as the business to responding to customers promptly. 



Facebook shares video best practices to boost content performance:
Facebook believe video content is one of the best methods to engage potential customers & therefore provided their top tips in creating the best video. Firstly, add a ‘3-5 second trailer, to hold interest’. Secondly, ‘frame the story’, with a 4:5 aspect ratio and lastly, ‘engage your community, comment on posts, create conversations’. By putting these practices in place, you should be able too, boost engagement, awareness and sales in your end of year push.

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