The last two weeks have been pretty crazy for everyone within the PPC sector and further afield. Recently the team took part in Black Friday training with Mabo’s Operation’s Director Rob Jackson. The training included informing the team of what exactly to do before, during and after Black Friday. 

However, this morning our team started to prep for another big year, starting off with January (laugh if you will, we would rather be organised to make sure our clients gain the best results). The training was held this morning by PPC Account Manager Sam Hood and Senior PPC Trainer, Matthew Soakell. 

Sam & Matthew gave the team some key points to concentrate on during their prep including:

  • Ensure any Christmas ad text is up to date, in case any messaging needs changed over. 
  • Create New Year sale ads and extensions, if required. Also, note that budgets may need to be adjusted. 
  • Be aware of products coming in or out of season. 
  • Check out historic January performance in, in both Google Ads & Analytics. There will have been things in each of those years that may have caused slight variations in success, but it is worth looking at a few previous years and not just 2019. 
  • Preparation is key – our team prepped Black Friday to the highest standard and received fantastic results, therefore will be doing the exact same thing for 2021.

The reasoning behind this training was to prepare the team for the year ahead.  January is typically the time of year when a company will decide to review the strategy for the upcoming year. They might look to bring in a new head of marketing or want their agency to suggest some fresh ideas for the next 12 months and therefore our team make sure they are ahead of their game. Ideas are written, communication with the client is made and training never ends, to make sure our clients get the strongest level of service. 

We caught up with PPC Account Manager, Sam to see what he had to say on the topic:


“Prepping for January in accounts for me is key as most businesses are coming out of one of their busiest months off the back of the Christmas spike. So your account needs to be in order to make sure that you’re going to have a profitable January despite the change in traffic. However, January 2021 is going to be like no year before, and there is going to be a lot more people searching so just make sure this year, your budgets are ready for a traffic increase.”


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