Need A Plan B? Try A Chicken Nugget Gift Set.

We are all hoping for a better year this 2021, with many wishes in mind. However, I’m not so sure this one will be on everyone’s list! 

Clearly, someone didn’t want their loved ones to miss out on a chicken nugget meal over the Christmas break, so what better way to surprise them, then with one of these. To me, it’s the ideal present, whether they found it or not that’s another question. Although I dread to think what the nuggets would have been like by Christmas day!


Looks like a last-minute present idea is needed for an Aunt here, who knows who the crazier one is out of these two. I mean if she is crazy about cats why not find her something cat-related? Unless you wanted to make her even crazier then you could consider buying her a dog! Maybe the best option is to pour a Gin and put your feet up.

I don’t think there’s much to say about this really. It looks like somebody isn’t getting what they hoped for within the first few days of the new year. 

Let’s finish off with this one. I think we are all wondering what Plan B is, especially with all of the announcements lately!


  • The disclaimer – As much as we love to find funny search terms as it does give us a laugh, we do take it seriously in making sure they are dealt with accordingly. We complete daily tasks to make sure nothing irrelevant or inappropriate is left.

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