The last few weeks have been crazy, we have had Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years and of course even more announcements from Mr Boris Johnson. On top of that, we have also had many new faces join our team alongside some fabulous new clients.

The last training session that took place was to prep the team for January 2021.  Keeping with the theme of preparation, Rob Jackson, Mabos lovely Operations Director, carried out a training session for the team on building strong relationships with clients. 

Clients are the most important factor of any business & Mabo is no different. Which is why we carry out ongoing training, regular contact and networking events to make sure relationships are strong between both account managers and the client.

Rob provided our team with some top tips on building strong relationships with not only the client but also their account.  

  • Always know your client’s, targets, budgets, KPIs & Metrics.
  • Be in the know with the main business & PPC Goals.
  • Can you focus on any particular area’s that need attention right away?
  • Find out about previous experience within the account.

By carrying out the above procedures and forming a strong relationship between the client & ourselves. Success is guaranteed to not only progress the account but also the relationship.

Want to find out about our current relationships and results with many of our clients? Click here NOW.

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