Another week of lockdown and another week of training by our wonderful new Senior PPC Trainer Sam Hood. Last week’s training, seen Operations Director, Rob Jackson take the team through a session on building relationships with clients. However, this week Sam took the team through a fabulous session on smart bidding. 

Just like lockdown, training can sometimes feel repetitive and a strain on individual’s therefore we try to keep it engaging and fun. Quite a similarity to the lockdown when everyone decided to go crazy for banana bread and 5k’s. Therefore Sam got the team to download the popular quiz app of Kahoot for some quick-fire questions beforehand.

Smart Bidding is a set of conversion-based bid strategies that make use of machine learning in order to optimise your bids when they enter into an auction.  It takes into account a huge range of signals to make sure each bid is tailored to maximise on both conversions and conversion value.

Is your account ready for smart bidding?
Sam made it clear to the account managers, that before applying smart bidding within your account you must make sure accurate conversion tracking is in place alongside realistic targets. Making sure your account is in the best structure to aid smart bidding before starting, will lead to the best results.

Never leave smart bidding unaided.
Smart bidding
is in fact ‘smart’ however there are many points the account manager must take into consideration. The learning period needs to be understood and not rushed. Tweak campaign and ad-group targets whilst focusing on the main goal that the client has set.

Benefits of smart bidding:
By putting these practices into place, time is created for optimisation and deeper levels of account management. Real-time bidding is carried out, alongside, consistently learning. We want our clients to get the best out of their account and therefore we make sure every task we carry out is in order to make that happen.

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